River Bluff Education Center: In Progress

Goodhue County Education District
Redwing, MN

Fall 2015

65,000 Sq.Ft.

Construction Cost: $13 M.

Construction Manager:
Kraus Anderson

Educational Design Consultant:
Ted Rozeboom

In Brief

  • Classroom Houses/ Pods
  • Separation of Academic Areas from Public Use spaces
  • Specialized Learning Spaces
  • ALC Program
  • Cafetorium/ Staff Training Space
  • Gymnasium

Project Description

As a special education district Goodhue County Educational District,  this is a project that is designed for the physical and emotional needs of students with special needs. That includes noise levels, material selections, classroom space, lighting, and exterior views and spaces. 

Designed also to facilitate public functions, the building controls access to the classroom spaces while granting use of the gym and cafetorium spaces for throughout the evenings and weekends.

Additional Project Graphics