Eagle Lake City Hall

The new Eagle Lake City Hall and Police Department replaces the existing situation of leasing space for city offices as well as using undersized spaces for Police and City Hall/ Community meetings. 

The building spaces are organized around a main circulation/ lobby area which include the Council Chambers, City Office Reception Area, Police Department and public toilets. 


The City Council Chambers is designed not only for city meetings, but also for community use.  The floor is level, with no platforms and the council tables can easily be removed and stored to allow for large community events.  


The exterior walls are a light weight carbon-cast insulated concrete wall panel with a combination of acid etch and a smooth sand blast finish which gives an appearance of a stone panel building, without the cost of stone and added structural loads.  

The tall slender windows help make the building appear larger in scale than it actually is and also gives the building a civic building appearance. 

At the upper portion of the main corridor are insulated translucent panels which provide natural light into the corridor and lobby, reducing artificial lighting needs and electrical costs.  



Heating and cooling is provided by a ground source heat pump system and energy recovery.

The building utilizes a pump and buried series of pipes to reject heat to the ground during the cooling season and then reverses the refrigeration cycle (heat pumps) to extract heat from the same ground mass during the heating system. 

This reduces the use of fossil fuels at the facility and utilizes very high efficiency electric heat pump compressors to minimize electrical usage. 

The building also utilizes an energy recovery unit to temper outside ventilation air while also providing exhaust ventilation from toilets and janitor spaces, which also reduces electrical usage of the heat pump compressors.

Eagle Lake Maintenance Building

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